Jubilee Coalition accuses Britain of interfering with Kenyan elections. FULL STATEMENT

Posted: March 6, 2013 in OPINION

“The Jubilee Coalition congratulates Kenyans for turning out in large numbers braving the long queues and scorching sun to carry out their democratic right to cast their votes. We commend them for their resolve to make Kenya’s 2013 General Election a resounding success.

The Jubilee Coalition is however, deeply concerned about the shadowy, suspicious and rather animated involvement of the British High Commissioner to Kenya Dr Christian Turner in Kenya’s 2013 General Election. The British High Commissioner, in cahoots with one Maina Kiai have been canvassing to have rejected votes tallied in an attempt to deny the Jubilee Coalition outright victory as indeed all indicators are showing at the moment.
The British High Commissioner should accept that Kenyans have spoken and their sovereign will should be respected and his role should be strictly limited to that of observer.Further, we at Jubilee Coalition are alarmed by the abnormally high influx of British Military personnel in the country which began around the voting day, under the pretext of training. Kenya and Britain are traditional friends, but can the British High Commissioner explain to Kenyans the sudden upsurge of British military presence in the country.

We are also in constant touch with our Jubilee team in Mombasa and we are aware that our team is preparing to make a statement over the shameful and unlawful incident involving tampering with ballot boxes. We commend the police for apprehending the culprits and now ask the IEBC to move with speed to investigate and explain to Kenyans the full details of this serious malpractice.

Further, we ask the IEBC to also explain why there is absolutely no presidential poll results from Mombasa County 60 hours after the close of polling whereas all the parliamentary results for same county have been tallied, verified and released.
Similar electoral malpractices have been reported in North Horr, Marsabit County and in the last few hours, according to reliable reports reaching us, this is also taking place in Kisumu County.

Regarding the inclusion of rejected votes into the national poll tally, the Jubilee Coalition is scandalised that sensible Kenyans can even so much as think of including condemned ballots in the final result. The logic behind this is suspect and sinister. Just ask yourself;

1) If you mistakenly put a county representative ballot into the presidential ballot box, why would that influence the outcome of the presidential vote?
2) If an IEBC officer fails in his or her duty to stamp a ballot paper, that automatically makes it a spoilt ballot. So on what grounds does the IEBC team transfer the blame and responsibility of that condemned vote to the presidential candidate? And is that not tantamount to directly sabotaging the election at the polling station?

As we await satisfactory answers to these disturbing questions, the Jubilee Coalition calls on our supporters and the nation at large to remain calm and peaceful.”


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